8 + 1 Reasons Why to Choose a Semi-private / Private Boat Trip over a Ferry Cruise: A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

Choosing a semi-private/private boat trip over a ferry cruise offers a more personalized and intimate travel experience with several advantages. Here are some reasons why someone might prefer a semi-private/private trip:

Personalized Experience:

Semi-private and private trips typically involve smaller groups, allowing for a more personalized, comfortable and intimate experience. The trips offered by our agency involve groups of 2-22 guests depending on type of boat and type of trip. The itinerary and pace of each trip is adjusted to our guests’ best experience.

Intimacy and Comfort:

Smaller group sizes mean more space and comfort during the journey. Participants also enjoy a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere, and often have the opportunity to interact with other participants, the captain and crew. Overall it is a more fun and personalized experience.

Flexibility in Itinerary:

Semi-private/private trips often provide greater flexibility in the itinerary. The captain makes the schedule in that way in order to avoid the crowds of ferry tours and sometimes when the weather allows it, participants have the opportunity to explore off-the-beaten-path golfs, enjoy longer stays at specific sites, or make impromptu stops based on group’s preferences.

Local Expertise:

Many semi-private/private trips are led by knowledgeable captains and crew who can provide interesting information about the destinations, local culture, and history of each area. This adds an educational aspect to the journey.

Access to Remote Areas:

Smaller vessels used in semi-private/private trips may have the ability to access more remote or less crowded areas that larger ferries cannot reach. This can definitely lead to a more authentic and secluded travel experience.

Less Crowded:

Choosing a semi-private/private boat cruise, the trip is likely to be less crowded, offering a more peaceful environment to enjoy the area the most. It can be especially advantageous during high season and to top destinations.

Faster Boarding and Disembarking:

When you choose to join a semi private/ private boat trip you surely need less time for boarding and disembarking processes, saving time and making the overall travel experience more efficient.

Closer Interaction with Captain and Crew:

As mentioned above, when joining a semi-private/private trip, participants have the opportunity to a closer interaction with the captain and crew. This allows for more interesting and informative conversations and the ability to ask questions that leads to a deeper understanding of the destinations visited.

Photography Opportunities:

With fewer people on board and at destination, participants can enjoy better photography opportunities without the obstruction of large crowds. This is especially beneficial for capturing memorable moments of your loved ones and the area during the trip.

In conclusion, a semi-private/private trip is the perfect choice for the travelers who are seeking for a more relaxed, intimate, personal, informative and flexible travel experience.

Join us on a semi – private/private boat trip to the top destinations of Crete and live a once in a life time experience on the island!