“Why to join a Cretan Cooking Lesson?”: immerse yourself in the island’s rich culinary traditions

Cretan cuisine is well known for its emphasis on fresh locally produced ingredients and simple yet flavorful and aromatic dishes. Taking a cooking lesson whilst in Crete, is a great opportunity to learn authentic techniques and recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Hands-on Experience – New Skills

Our cooking lessons provide a hands-on experience, allowing you to fully participate in the preparation of authentic Cretan dishes, ensuring that you understand the cooking process and get the skills to later prepare them back home on your own. Impress your family and friends with your newfound ability to recreate authentic Cretan dishes!

Local Products that Crete Offers

Crete is blessed with a big variety of agricultural products! Extra virgin olive oil, therapeutic herbs, freshly produced vegetables, and delicious cheeses are some of the products you are going to use and taste during our lessons. Our instructors always use the highest quality of local ingredients, giving you an insight into the unique flavors that define Cretan cuisine.

Cultural and Social Experience

The process of cooking in Crete is not just about food; cooking is an opportunity to share stories and traditions, to spend quality time with our loved ones, to teach the younger ones! Cooking together and sharing a meal is a very important part of the culture. Our instructors will treat you as a member of their family and create the perfect atmosphere to connect with your fellow travelers, share culinary and cultural experiences, and enjoy a meal together the way only Cretans do.

Authentic Cretan Recipes

You’ll have the opportunity to learn mouthwatering Cretan recipes, such as moussaka, mpoureki, dakos, kalitsounia as well as meat/fish dishes. These recipes reflect Crete’s culinary heritage.

Knowledge About Herbs and Spices

Cretan cuisine is well known for its love of herbs and spices! They add flavors and aromas in every dish but also significantly help to the health and enviable longevity of the Cretans. During our lessons you will have some interesting information about herbs’ therapeutic properties as well as many tips how to use oregano, thyme, mint, and rosemary in everyday dishes and antioxidant decoctions.

Olive Oil Tasting

Crete is famous for its high-quality olive oil – it is the essential ingredient for all Cretan dishes. During our lessons you will have the opportunity to taste homemade produce of olive oil and learn about its role to the everyday life as well as to culture and religion.

If you want to experience a delightful and informative Cooking Lesson with your family or companions, an opportunity to spend some quality and fun time with your loved ones during your holidays, consider booking a Cooking lesson with our agency!

Book a semi private or private cooking lesson and unlock the secrets of authentic Cretan cuisine and culture!