Chania is built in the site of the ancient settlement of Kydonia. The Venetian and the Ottomane rule have left their marks in the city buildings, architecture and landmarks.
A stroll in the old town can take away time and anxiety, transfering the visitor way back. Every corner and every house is a photograph awaiting to be taken! The Old Port with the trademark lighthouse and the mosque of Kioutsouk Hassan is a must see, as well as the museum and the many historical buildings along the seafront. From walking the cosmopolitan alleys to canyoning the great Samaria gorge and from bathing in the many deep blue beaches to diving in caves forgotten in time, Chania will surely leave an unforgettable impression!

Best Season:All Summer
Popular Location: Samaria gorge, Paleochora, Theriso gorge, Omalos, Elafonisi, Balos lagoon

Tours and Activities from Chania area